Acre 1/? - Assassin's Creed I

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At least I’ll never be the worst person I know.

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Gillian Anderson attends XF event at the Paley Center For Media in New York.

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Assassin’s Creed + Fake Movie Posters

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I swear to God that Benedict’s top lip is some kind of geometric equation…

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""but that book character has blue/grey/light eyes so obviously they’re white!!"" ://///

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[34/?] pictures of gillian anderson

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Hearts are wild creatures.
That’s why our ribs are cages.

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Molly Ringwald was supposed to dance alone but she was too embarrassed so John Hughes made everybody dance.

And thank God he did, or we wouldn’t have one of the most iconic sequences of the 80’s and cinema as a whole.

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whenever i’m sad i like to imagine what possible crime Steve Irwin’s ancestor committed to warrant him being sent to Australia like some Victorian gentleman escorting a lady to the zoo past the crocodile enclosure and going “do you see that great wyrm sunning itself there? quite a striking creature, is it not? I do believe I shall engage it in fisticuffs.” 

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